A look at how bounty tournaments work

Card games have always been a popular form of recreation and entertainment, whether they be of the more innocent variety as Old Maid, or those that go for high stakes in huge casinos, such as the blackjack. When talking of card games, though, it would be close to impossible not to mention an undisputed member of the gaming ruling class, poker. Its popularity is so immense that it has spawned several varieties. Tournaments are held regularly and some of them are even broadcast globally, much like any other sporting event like basketball or football. It's hard to believe but these games continue to grow in stature. Over the past year, poker has been surpassed by an up and coming game, eSports. More of a lifestyle than a game, esports is a generational extravaganza.

One such worth noting is the Knockout or bounty tournament. The concept is pretty simple and may be gleaned from the name itself. Basically, the goal is to knock out the other players in the tournament and get rewarded with a certain bounty every time you do so, reminiscent of wild west marshals capturing an outlaw with a bounty on his head.

It may work slightly differently between a virtual gaming establishment and a brick and mortar casino but the basic logic remains the same. In live gaming, each player would have a bounty cash chip. He must then give this chip to whoever busts him in the game. Conversely, you must collect the chip from whomever player you bust. For online gaming, a bounty tournament may either assign a certain bounty to each individual player, or take a percentage of each player's bet as the bounty. The first case would work very much like live gaming. To illustrate the second case, we can look at a $20 play, with an agreement that 75%, equivalent to $15, goes to the pot and 25%, or $5, goes to the bounty. So if you bust out anyone in this tournament, you get the $5 bounty on his head.

Bounty tournaments are pretty popular and it should not be difficult to find sites that offer them. Different sites would have different guidelines so make sure to be aware of them. So if you are looking at still another way to ease that competitive spirit, this may be a good option for you.