A Video Gamers' Social Network Choices

Social networking is remarkable for its ability to interact with anyone, and a video gamers' social network is a good example of this.


Raptr is one such social site that works by categorizing different games and creating sub-communities for each one. A great deal of the site's traffic is driven by its large selection of free arcade games. But, that is not all. There are other features that make it a one-of-a-kind community for gamers. While individuals are given their own walls and activity feeds, not too unlike Facebook, most of the activity occurs in forum style boards that allow all members of a sub-community to interact with each other. It also has ranking systems and activity trackers for casual interest, and can run on a desktop app that can be run while playing games.


Duxter is one of the more recent additions to the video gamers' social network sites. It has a small following, but many consider it worth it to become one of its early users. Not too unlike Raptr, Duxter allows for users to follow communities they relate to, however rather than creating specific forums for certain activities, users are able to create their own sub-communities, which can be updated with text, images, streams, videos, replays, and the like. There is also a store filled with items such as keyboards, headphones, mice, and the like. In addition to purchasing these with money, users can earn "Duckets" for discount prices.


Playfire is a different kind of social network in that is focuses more on the players than the games themselves. Users add the activities they enjoy to their profiles and helps them to connect with other individuals whose interests and platforms are similar. The system mainly revolves around comments in the activity feed and forums to help bring individuals together. It also features a desktop client that can track gaming movement on a machine in close to real time, to keep profiles as updated as possible to make connections easy.