A review of the Rambo video game

Once something establishes its appeal to the mass market, it makes a whole lot of business sense to exploit it as much as you can. Thus, you enter the world of merchandise, like shirts and caps, tie ups with fast food chains, and maybe even a movie deal. It is also highly likely that a movie with an original screenplay may be so popular as to spawn other versions.

Such is the case with Rambo, and one of its iterations, the Rambo video game. The movie cemented Sylvester Stallone's place in Hollywood history. Unfortunately, some technical issues prevent the game from eliciting the same fan base.

Its producer, Reef Entertainment, may have spent too much on acquiring the gaming rights that it seems not much resource was allocated to improving graphics and visuals. Notwithstanding that Stallone tends to maintain just one expression in all his movie scenes, the Rambo video game makes use of a seemingly waxen image with a face that absolutely refuses to exhibit motion, except when delivering lines, in which case the lips may flap a bit. The frame rate is an unwavering 60 frames per second, except when some slow motion is utilized.

It does not seem to require much smarts to do well in this game, as the enemies seem no shrewder than certain farm animals. There are some pluses, though, like a jail break early on in the game and then a jungle segment that requires some skill in handling the pursuers. There is also a Wrath meter that allows you to view the thermal image of your environment, with each fatality adding to your well being. An active reload of your weapon can also go both ways, either doubling your clip size or jamming it.

The Rambo video game may not fare very well point to point with other games in its genre, but it does provide its own brand of entertainment as long as you do not play it with such high expectations.