Video Gamers Raise Money With Nonstop Gaming

Summer Games Done Quick hosts a bi-annual event wherein video gamers raise money by streaming popular games at high speeds for viewers.

The Premise

Summer Games Done Quick is an interesting organization, to say the least. They use video gamers to raise money for charity through an amusing series of live videos that run for a full week twice per year. In the 2014 summer event, the activities played include Donkey Kong Country, Gex 64, Yoshi's Story, Super Meat Boy, Super Mario Sunshine, Dustforce, Ninjabread Man, Sonic Unleashed, and a great many more. Each one is played through with what is called speedrunning; in essence, with the goal of completing it as quickly as possible. The grand finale in the summer of 2014 was a seven-hour run through Final Fantasy VI.

More Excitement

In order to make the event even more interesting, incentives are added in for the players, glitches are placed into events, races are performed, and other additional challenges added. Those who donate are also given the opportunity to win prizes and influence the speedruns in some of the aforementioned ways.

The Charity

The 2014 summer run donated to Doctors Without Borders, an international, non-governmental organization founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1971. The group attempts to send doctors, surgeons, and other medical staff to those in need all across the Earth who otherwise cannot access such help.

In Summary

One of the neatest aspects of Summer Games Done Quick is that for the week-long periods that the event is run for, something is being played constantly. For 168 straight hours, there's some kind of entertaining event being run on stream, which means it can be checked out by anyone who finds themselves with any amount of free time during the occasion. Since the activities chosen are usually very popular, viewers are often able to relate to, relive, and fully immerse themselves in the week of fun and excitement for a very good cause.